Problem Solving Sociology

Problem-solving sociology uses sociological insights and ideas to solve social problems, and uses the solving of social problems to advance sociological theory. Read more about the approach here.

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Sign up here to present at our monthly "virtual coffee hours" or here to meet one random problem-solving sociologist every month (both run by Michael Soto of the University of Minnesota). There are also reading groups and a Facebook group (run by Theresa Beardall of Virginia Tech), and we hold annual dissertation proposal development workshops for graduate students (see the call for applications, deadline January 15). And see here for advice on running a problem-solving workshop at your university.

Look out for a book on problem solving sociology forthcoming from Oxford University Press in 2021!

Upcoming Events

(For more info about these events click here. Sign up here if you would like to present. All events at 3pm Central.)

January 29th

Virtual Coffee Hour with Oded Marom, "Wide Ponds and Narrow Barrels: How Community Organizing and Local Recruitment Strategies Shape Partisan Tendencies Among American Libertarians" (Zoom Link)

February 5th

Virtual Coffee Hour with Rourke O’Brien, "Robots Don’t Pay Taxes: Deindustrialization and Fiscal Decline" (Zoom Link)

February 19th

Virtual Coffee Hour with Ji-won Lee, "Standardizing Private Schools, a Remedy for Educational Inequality and/or Source of Hyper Education? " (Zoom Link)

March 19th

Virtual Coffee Hour with Marina Zaloznaya, "How Sociology Can Help Solve Public Sector Corruption" (Zoom Link)